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  1. jim kintz says:

    Is the map with the overlay antelope hunt areas available? or is that something you did on your own?I would like to get something like that.

    • Mark says:


      The map with antelope areas can be found at the following web site address below. You should be able to print a copy directly from the page. Its a BLM map, so perhaps they can mail you a copy if you can’t print it. You can find contact information on the web for BLM locations in Wyoming.. Good hunting ! Mark

  2. William Stewart says:

    I read your article on the Barnes VOR-TX 150 grain and I have a question or two to ask if you don’t mine?
    First, I’m headed to Colorado in 2016 for my very first Elk Hunt (1st week rifle). Really pumped about this and cannot wait.
    I’ve been reviewing message boards about the correct bullet to use and what a surprise…lots of opinions. Having hunted Whitetail Deer in Michigan all my life using a .308 and 150 grain bullets and I’ve chosen to change brands; going with the Barnes VOR-TX 308 WIN 150 Grain TTSX for this Elk Hunt. All the research and data spec’s are impressive with this bullet.

    In your opinion, is this enough with proper shot placement to drop an Elk?

    Thanks for your time.
    William Stewart

    • Mark says:

      Absolutely. That 150 grain TTSX is moving around 2800 -2900 FPS. More than enough to kill an elk. Thousands of elk have been killed with a 270 shooting 150 grain bullets at comparable velocity. I wouldn’t even hesitate to hunt elk with that combo. I looked at the 165 grain and its a great option as well. Probably actually a LITTLE better for elk than the 150 grain.. 10% more bullet weight. But I want one load for my little 308 and opted to take the higher velocity of the 150 and slightly better trajectory as we use it for antelope and mulies as well. The Barnes has superior penetration and that 150 TTSX is going to be a better elk round than the many 180 30 caliber rounds out there. The Mountain goat I shot dropped like a hammer hit him. Your good to 400-450 yards with that round. After that the 308 begins to lose retained energy no matter which bullet you choose. Know your limits and put it in the right spot and you will be fine. Heck, lots of elk in MT are killed with 7mm/08s, 243s and 25/06s. Put this one to rest and spend the rest of your time studying Google earth and getting in shape !
      Congrats on your first elk hunt ! Good luck and send me a pic!

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