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Barnes Vor-Tx .308 150 Gn TTSX – Kimber’s Mountain Ascent eats em up

I was in my favorite gun shop in Montana, Shedhorn Sports in Ennis a few weeks ago checking out the racks of guns. Unlike most places that carry guns anymore, Shedhorn has over 1200 guns in stock, including a huge selection of … Continue reading

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Kimber Mountain Ascent – All Dialed In with Barnes Vortex TTSX

Thought I would write a quick post on the progress I am making on finding the best overall round for the Kimber Mountain Ascent rifle I picked up last fall in .308 Winchester. I have now tried three different rounds; the Nosler Custom … Continue reading

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Dialing in the Nosler 48

I have been working up a load for the Nosler Custom 48 in 300 WSM. I got back into reloading last year to allow me to practice more at distance. Factory ammo was producing sub MOA groups, but I was … Continue reading

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Shooting Kimber’s Mountain Ascent Rifle in .308 Win

Last weekend I stopped by Shedhorn Sports in Ennis, Montana to see if they had received any H4350 powder. It seems like every sporting goods store in Montana has been stripped of reloading supplies and ammo so I was suprised to find … Continue reading

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