Wyoming DIY Antelope Hunting- Part 6 – a DIY Alternative

A lot of folks email me and ask about DIY antelope hunting in Wyoming. (or any other state for that matter). They want to know if its possible to be successful without experience hunting antelope. They want to know where they can stay while hunting. And what equipment they will need. Most of all, they are looking for a DIY experience and the satisfaction of harvesting an antelope without the expense or oversight of an outfitted hunt.

One of my greatest joys is setting up a prairie camp while hunting antelope. Temperatures are usually nice and its a wonderful experience to sit in a camp chair watching the sun set across the prairie while coyotes bark off in the distance. Especially with an adult beverage in hand. Ice cubes tinkling. That warm feeling that whiskey gives you after a long arduous day afield. Ok, ok.. back to the topic at hand.


So I found an outfitter that does a complete camp set up. Everything you need except for food. And its very reasonable at $800 per person for six days.  Tent, cots, sleeping bags and pads, cooking gear.. etc.  You will spend more staying at a motel and eating out. The outfitter is Thunder Ridge Outfitters. Their website is at www.thunderridgeoutfitter.com

They set their DIY camps up in good areas and you will have no problem harvesting animals if you possess basic hunting skills.

They also offer a two day economy antelope hunt with the hunter taking the first 12″ buck or better seen. Its only $1200. In most cases, two days is plenty to take a representative buck in a decent area.

I spoke with Ron, one of the owners. In most cases you will need at least a couple of preference points to hunt the units they outfit including the DIY unguided camps. He is working on a ranch deal that may give them access to decent antelope in a unit with no points required but there will be only a few openings. .

I am sure that there are other outfitters offering similar packages, I just haven’t had the time to look at everyone out there. After talking with Ron, I came away impressed with their operation. They try to find an antelope hunt that fits every budget and every hunter’s objective in terms of buck quality. Click on the link above and give them a shout.






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