2012 Elk – Week 5 – Cosmic Dick and the Black Hole Elk

When it comes to elk hunting, the ultimate hunting partner is a mule. They don’t need to be shod, will carry a lot of weight without complaining, won’t drink your whiskey, and hate grizzly bears. After a mule though, the next best elk hunting partner is a guy like Dick Adams. Even if he does drink all of your whiskey.

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2 Responses to 2012 Elk – Week 5 – Cosmic Dick and the Black Hole Elk

  1. bob peterson says:

    Well done! Your writing style, coupled with the quality of your adventures, is thoroughly enjoyable fare. I have read all of your entries…… first rate! I know you are the real deal, only somebody that has beaten the tar out of themselves can know how powerful the need for a good steak chased with whiskey is.

    • Mark says:

      Ha ! Thanks Bob ! Appreciate the kind words. I have been working on my mountain goat story and should post it soon..
      Fortunately, good steaks and cheap whiskey can be found in abundance here in Montana !
      Take care, Mark

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