Hunting the West

Welcome to my site !

I started this Blog a few years ago to have a place to share my stories & photos about the hunt with friends and family. Every year, a few folks jump on and contact me with questions or comments and some of them have become new friends with which I now stay in contact. I am blessed to live in what is probably the last, best place to spend time outdoors in the lower 48 and I enjoy helping others follow their passion for hunting the west.

My brother Dan moved to Montana in the early 80s and I visited not long after and knew that one day I would live here as well. I moved to the Bozeman area in 2008 and its been a hell of a ride ever since. The hunting  opportunities are nothing short of phenomenal here and one of the biggest challenges in the fall is deciding where to spend your time.  By September the summer tourists are gone and the trout are going crazy on the rivers, mountain grouse season has opened and the bull elk are beginning to rut in the mountains. By October, pheasant and sharptails contend with antelope, deer and elk with ducks not far behind. And November sees the big mulies and whitetails going into rut while snows are beginning to get the bulls moving… if you have stomach for the cold, steep and deep country the biggest bulls call home that time of year.

I have been fortunate to find work that allows me to pretty much hunt all fall. I figure in the last seven years  I have spent, on average, around 60-70 days in the field between September and the end of November. Most of that deep in the backcountry chasing elk or on the eastern plains pursuing mule deer and antelope.

While I have harvested some great animals I find even more enjoyment helping those closest to me find and take their own game.